store method Null safety

Future<void> store(
  1. MessageSequence sequence,
  2. List<String> flags,
  3. {StoreAction action = StoreAction.add,
  4. int? unchangedSinceModSequence}

Stores the specified message flags for the given message sequence.

By default the flags are added, but you can specify a different store action. Specify the unchangedSinceModSequence to limit the store action to elements that have not changed since the specified modification sequence. This is only supported when the server supports the CONDSTORE or QRESYNC capability. Call supportsFlagging first to determine if the mail server supports flagging at all.


Future<void> store(MessageSequence sequence, List<String> flags,
    {StoreAction action = StoreAction.add, int? unchangedSinceModSequence}) {
      sequence, flags, action, unchangedSinceModSequence);