markUnflagged method Null safety

Future<void> markUnflagged(
  1. MessageSequence sequence,
  2. {int? unchangedSinceModSequence}

Convenience method for marking the messages from the specified sequence as unflagged.

Specify the unchangedSinceModSequence to limit the store action to elements that have not changed since the specified modification sequence. This is only supported when the server supports the CONDSTORE or QRESYNC capability Compare the store method in case you need more control or want to change several flags.


Future<void> markUnflagged(MessageSequence sequence,
    {int? unchangedSinceModSequence}) {
  return store(sequence, [MessageFlags.flagged],
      action: StoreAction.remove,
      unchangedSinceModSequence: unchangedSinceModSequence);