ImapEventType enum Null safety

Classification of IMAP events

Compare ImapEvent


connectionLost → const ImapEventType

The connection to the server has been lost. Try to reconnect. Compare ImapConnectionLostEvent.

const ImapEventType(0)
exists → const ImapEventType

The currently selected mailbox has a new number of messages. Compare ImapMessagesExistEvent.

const ImapEventType(3)
expunge → const ImapEventType

A message has been removed. Also see the vanished event. Compare ImapExpungeEvent.

const ImapEventType(1)
fetch → const ImapEventType

The status flags of a message have been updated. Compare ImapFetchEvent.

const ImapEventType(2)
recent → const ImapEventType

Similar to the exists event, the number of messages deemed as recent have changed. Compare ImapMessagesRecentEvent.

const ImapEventType(4)
values → const List<ImapEventType>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<ImapEventType>
vanished → const ImapEventType

A number of messages have been deleted. This event can only be triggered if the server is QRESYNC compliant and after the client has enabled QRESYNC. Compare ImapVanishedEvent.

const ImapEventType(5)


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