This library is conversion of EnigmaWeb to Dart language. Works with both Enigma1 and Enigma2 web interfaces.

First thing to do is to setup profile information

var profile = Profile();
profile.address = "";
profile.httpPort = 80;
profile.enigma = EnigmaType.enigma2;
profile.username = "root";
profile.password = "password";

Execute command

All available web commands are implemented, just execute command and read response from object model, ie.

//initialize parser to parse response to read current service from receiver
var currentServiceResponseParser = GetCurrentServiceParser();
//initialize http client implementation to send HTTP requests to receiver
var webRequester = WebRequester(Logger.root);
//initialize get current service command object
var command = GetCurrentServiceCommand(currentServiceResponseParser, webRequester);
//execute command and get typed result
GetCurrentServiceResponse response = await command.executeAsync(profile);
//use result

//some commands dont need parsing (IE. we're not interested in result, just if command was successfull)
//for that we use UnparsedParser<TCommand>, for example WakeUp command to wake up Enigma
var noParsing = UnparsedParser<WakeUpCommand>();
// perform WakeUp command, and just wait for it to finish
await WakeUpCommand(noParsing, requester).executeAsync(profile);