fireErr function

Future<String> fireErr(
  1. Function0<Future> args

Extracts the firebase error message that may occur when executing the function. If no errors encountered it gives a null response indicating success!! Use case is to extract the error message and display it to user in a snackbar form. TODO CHANGE PACKAGE NAME import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

 final firebaseErrorMessage =
     await fireErr(() => FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser.reload());
 if (isNonNull(firebaseErrorMessage)) {        
   showSnackBar(firebaseErrorMessage, context);


Future<String> fireErr(Function0<Future> args) async {
  try {
    await args();
    return null;
  } catch (e) {
    if (isFirebaseEx(e)) {
      final fex = FirebaseExceptionData();
      fex.message = e.message;
      return fex.message;
    } else {
      print('Non Firebase Exception not handled $e');
      return '$e';