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Simple package to help on the creation of edit pages.

This package aims to provide a super easy way to build an edit view of any kind. It uses flutter_bloc under the hood, in order to maintain the current state the editing item.

You must enter a valid initialState: it could be a just-initialzed object, or an object with data already inside. The type of this parameter is controller by the generic type of the widget.

The value and setValue inside the builder parameter offers an interface between the data & the view. Similiar to a StatefullWidget, in order to change the value of the value parameter, you just have to make the editing operation inside the setValue function. This function receives a new object of the same type as the previous one, and reloads the UI to reflect the changes.


If you want to take a deeper look at the example, take a look at the example folder provided with the project.

  initialValue: 'C++',
  builder: (context, value, setValue) => Center(
    child: Column(
      mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.spaceAround,
      children: [
          child: Text('INCREASE'),
          onPressed: () => setValue(value += '+'),

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This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.