easy_form_kit library Null safety


EasyCustomFormField<T, C extends ValueNotifier>
An extensible base class for wrapping form fields.
A typed result form to be returned by the onSave callback and passed as a parameter to the onSaved callback.
State associated with a EasyDataForm widget.
A container for grouping together multiple form field widgets (e.g. TextField widgets) and handling all of the form field values in a single callback.
Builder widget that passes a link to the EasyFormState to the builder.
A single form field.
Base controller class for use with custom form fields.
Widget for displaying a form field error.
The current state of a EasyFormField. Passed to the EasyFormFieldBuilder method for use in constructing the form field's widget.
Base class for creating a form field.
The current state of a EasyFormGenericField.
The button builder that, when pressed, clears the data of the form fields, returning them to their initial values.
The builder of the button that, when pressed, causes the form fields to be saved and shows an indicator in the process of saving.
Form save indicator builder.
State associated with a EasyForm widget.
A EasyCustomFormField that contains a TextField.


Used to configure the auto validation of EasyFormField and EasyForm widgets.
Enumeration of the modes of adaptability of form elements
Indicates how to handle the intelligent replacement of dashes in text input.
Indicates how to handle the intelligent replacement of quotes in text input.


CreateControllerCallback<C, T> = C Function(T value)
Signature for creating a controller.
EasyFormButtonBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, EasyFormState? form)
Button builder signature
EasyFormChangeCallback = void Function(EasyFormFieldState? field)
Signature for the callback when the field changes.
EasyFormCustomFieldBuilder<T, C> = Widget Function(_EasyCustomFormFieldState<dynamic, ValueNotifier> fieldState, EasyFormCustomFieldChangeHandler<T> onChangedHandler)
Input field builder signature.
EasyFormCustomFieldChangeHandler<T> = void Function(T value)
Field value change handler signature.
EasyFormFieldBuilder<T> = Widget Function(EasyFormFieldState<T> field)
Signature for building the widget representing the form field.
EasyFormFieldErrorBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, String fieldName, String? errorText)
Signature for the form field error displayer builder
EasyFormFieldSaveCallback<T> = Future<T> Function(Map<String, dynamic> values, EasyFormState form)
Signature for save callback.
EasyFormFieldSavedCallback<T> = void Function(T values, Map<String, dynamic> fieldValues, EasyFormState form)
Signature for saved callback.
EasyFormFieldSetter<T> = void Function(T newValue)
Signature for being notified when a form field changes value.
EasyFormFieldValidator<T> = String? Function(T value, [Map<String, dynamic>? values])
Signature for validating a form field.
EasyFormSaveButtonIndicatorBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Size size, EasyFormAdaptivity adaptivity)
Signature for the save indicator builder
EasyFormSaveButtonLayoutBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Widget body, Widget indicator)
Signature for button content layout builder
EasyFormSaveIndicatorBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Size size, EasyFormAdaptivity adaptivity)
Signature for the save indicator builder
EasyFormSaveIndicatorLayoutBuilder = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Widget body, [Widget? indicator])
Signature for the save indicator layout builder
RecreateControllerCallback<C> = C Function(C oldController)
Signature to recreate a controller from an old controller.
ValueOfGetter<T, C> = T Function(C controller)
Signature for value getter from controller.
ValueOfSetter<T, C> = dynamic Function(C controller, T value)
Signature for controller value setter.