dynamic_treeview - A flutter package

A Dynamic treeview that can be build using dynamic parent/child relationship. It supports indefinite category/subcategory lists with horizontal and vertical scrolling

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the dependency:

        dynamic_treeview: 1.0.0+2

Import package

import 'package:dynamic_treeview/dynamic_treeview.dart';

BaseModel implementation

    Since DynamicTreeView is build using data having parent/child relationship, 
    you must create a class model that implements BaseModel and overrides the method 
    like getParentId(), getId() and getTitle() and return appropriate values to make it work. 
    The method getExtraData() has also been added just in-case if any extra data is needed when child/parent is tapped.

Sample Usage

        data: getData(), // pass here List<BaseModel>
        config: Config(
                TextStyle(color: Colors.black, fontWeight: FontWeight.w600),
            rootId: "1",
                EdgeInsets.only(left: 16, top: 0, bottom: 0)),
        onTap: (m) {
        //action on tap
        width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width,

Constructor parameters

    data                -   List<BaseData> .TreeView will be build based on this data.This is a required field
    config              -   Various Configuration options
    onTap               -   Callback when tapped on parent/child widget

Configuration parameters

    parentTextStyle                 -   Parent tile TextStyle
    parentPaddingEdgeInsets         -   Parent tile padding
    childrenTextStyle               -   Child tile TextStyle
    childrenPaddingEdgeInsets       -   Children tile padding

Check the Config class in dynamic_treeview.dart file for details.

Sample code

Please check example for details.


Full Screen

alt text


alt text


I spent weeks of my time developing this package. I really hope this saves you loads of time and i'd be glad to hear your feedback.Let me know if you find any bugs/issues.Thanks.