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dynamic_form_state makes it easy to manage a changing widget state with many different types of values, for example a large input form. Initalize dynamic_form_state with any number of dynamic values with default values and access both its setState and values with ease.


To get this plugin, add dynamic_form_state as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. For example:

  dynamic_form_state: ^1.0.0


Initialize your dynamic_form_state in your stateful widget's initState, passing in desired default values.

  void initState() {
    formState = DynamicFormState([
      DynamicValue("value", false),
      DynamicValue("text", TextEditingController()),
      DynamicValue("custom", {"key1": "value1", "key2": "value2"})

Pass in a stateful value and default onChange function into various components using dynamic_form_states getters. For more complex use cases you can use the onChange function inside of your own functions. See CustomWidget in the example.

    value: formState.get("value"),
    groupValue: formState.get("value"),
    onChanged: formState.getOnChange("value")

TextField(controller: formState.get("text"))

CustomWidget(formState.get("custom"), (key, value) {
  Map<String, bool> items = formState.get("custom");
  items[key] = value;
  var onChange = formState.getOnChange("custom");


Please file any issues, bugs or feature requests as an issue on our GitHub page.

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