Custom Flutter Widget for a customizable dropdown field with auto-complete functionality This widget is meant to be used within a Flutter Form

alt text


In your pubspec.yaml, add the following dependency

  dropdownfield: 0.0.2

Example Usage:

import 'package:dropdownfield/dropdownfield.dart';

        value: accountname,
        required: true,
        labelText: 'Account Name *',
        icon: Icon(Icons.account_balance),
        items: accountNames,
        setter: (dynamic newValue) {
            accountname = newValue;


  • Can be used for showing drop-down of suggestions for a form field
  • Provides auto-complete functionality - as the user types, shows all suggestions that match part of the typed in text
  • Provides validation of user-typed value against the list of suggestions by default. Can be turned off with a setting
  • Provides ability to do "mandatory" value check if needed
  • Quick clear icon to clear out typed in value
  • Appearance can be customized to match your application theme
  • Clicking dropdown arrow will automatically close the soft keyboard


This project is licensed under the BSD License - see the LICENSE file for details