Custom Flutter Widget for a customizable dropdown field with auto-complete functionality This widget is meant to be used within a Flutter Form

For a completely working Flutter project demonstrating the usage of dropdownfield, download the code from https://github.com/jagan999/dropdownfieldexample


In your pubspec.yaml, add the following dependency

  dropdownfield: 1.0.0

Example Usage:

import 'package:dropdownfield/dropdownfield.dart';

        value: accountname,
        required: true,
        strict: true,
        labelText: 'Account Name *',
        icon: Icon(Icons.account_balance),
        items: accountNames,
        setter: (dynamic newValue) {
            accountname = newValue;


Can be used for showing drop-down of suggestions for a form field Provides auto-complete functionality - as the user types, shows all suggestions that match part of the typed in text Provides validation of user-typed value against the list of suggestions by default. Can be turned off by setting strict=false Provides ability to do "mandatory" value check if needed Quick clear icon to clear out typed in value Appearance can be customized to match your application theme Clicking dropdown arrow will automatically close the soft keyboard


This project is licensed under the BSD License - see the LICENSE file for details