TableOrViewOperations<Tbl extends HasResultSet, Row> class Null safety

A capture of a table and a generated database.

Table operations can be captured with DatabaseConnectionUser.from, which may make some common operations easier to write:

  • Use from(table).select() or from(table).selectOnly() instead of select(table) or selectOnly(table), respectively.
  • Use from(table).insert() instead of insert(table). You can also use from(table).insertOne, or TableOperations.insertOnConflictUpdate to insert rows directly.
  • Use from(table).update() instead of update(table). You can also use from(table).replace() to replace an existing row.
  • Use from(table).delete(), from(table).deleteOne() or from(table).deleteWhere to delete rows easily.
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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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select({bool distinct = false}) SimpleSelectStatement<Tbl, Row>
Composes a SELECT statement on the captured table or view. [...]
selectOnly({bool distinct = false, bool includeJoinedTableColumns = true}) JoinedSelectStatement<Tbl, Row>
Composes a SELECT statement only selecting a subset of columns. [...]
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