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A package for automatically downloading and storing files

Getting Started

Creating a DownloadableFile

The first step is to create a downloadable file. The simplest way to do this is using a SimpleDownloadableFile

E.g. you can create one with a function (returning something can be written to file)

  File testFile = File("test_file.txt");
  var downloadFile = DownloadableFileBasic(() => "Test string", testFile);

You can also, optionally, set an expiry date time to your DownloadableFileBasic class. The purpose of this is to have a file which is only downloaded if the expiry date on the file is newer than the one you've already downloaded

Downloading a file

Insert your downloadable file into the DownloadManager

DownloadManager.instance().add(DownloadableFileBasic(() => "Test string", testBFile));

Results in the stream

expectLater(DownloadManager.instance().fileStream, emits(testBFile));

Get notifications

There are two streams (more in development) that you can subscribe to.

The first will return a stream which has files in fired one at a time as they are downloaded.


The second will return a list of all files downloaded. Note: files that are already downloaded will also be added to this list


You can also clear all files. You will be notified via allFiles stream with a new empty list that this has happened