A widget for creating a donut thump shape easily on Sliders.


Import the package

To use this package, follow the instructions here. Then use it with SliderTheme, for example, the following code provides the following output:

          data: SliderThemeData(
              overlayColor: Colors.transparent,
              thumbColor: Colors.white,
              activeTrackColor: Color.fromRGBO(102, 0, 78, 1),
              inactiveTrackColor: Colors.white,
              tickMarkShape: SliderTickMarkShape.noTickMark,
              thumbShape: DonutThumbShape(
                  insideCircleRadius: 4,
                  outsideCircleRadius: 9,
                  outsideCircleColor: Colors.pinkAccent,
                  insideCircleColor: Colors.lightBlueAccent)),
          child: Slider(
            onChanged: (v) { },
            value: 2,
            min: 0,
            max: 10,

More examples here

Use the package

import 'package:donut_thumb_shape/donut_thumb_shape.dart';

Getting Started

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