dmap is a simple library inspired by mapstructure based on mirrors to allow simple (and not necessarly efficient) mapping of a Map<String, dynamic> into a object or class


  • Decode Map<String, dynamic> into Class
  • Encode Class into Map<String, dynamic>
  • Zero values handling to avoid null in nested fields
  • Hooks to transform types on parsing
  • Allow renaming
  • Allow multiple binding of an object through multiple tags


import "package:dmap/dmap.dart";

class User {
  String lastName;
  String firstName;
  int age;

class Job {
  User user;
  String title;

void main() {
	var job = decode<Job>({"title": "dev", "user": {"lastName": "doe", "firstName": "john"}});
	print(job.user.lastName); // "doe"

With hooks

import 'package:dmap/dmap.dart';

class User {
	@Tag(name: "creation_date")
	DateTime creationDate;
	@Tag(name: "last_name")
	String lastName;
	@Tag(name: "first_name")
	String firstName;
	int age;
	String toString() => "[$creationDate | $lastName | $firstName | $age]";

main() {
	var decoder = new Decoder(hook: (fromType, toType, val) {
		if (fromType == String && toType == DateTime) {
			return DateTime.parse(val);
		return val;
	var input = {
		"creation_date": "2019-03-17",
		"last_name": "Doe",
		"first_name": "John",
		"age": 42
	var output = decoder.decode<User>(input);
	print(output); // [2019-03-17 00:00:00.000 | Doe | John | 42]


  • Why using mirros ? This library is oriented to be simple to use and mirrors allow a dynamisme which can offers nice things
  • On which plateform can it be used ? only on server and flutter



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