DLocal's Data Collector SDK flutter plugin for Android and iOS

This plugin is a wrapper of the native SDKs which can be found here:

More info about the functionallity of the SDK on each platform can be found on those repositories.



Setup on app start

Add this to your app startup,

  final _dlocalDataCollectorFlutterPlugin = DlocalDataCollectorFlutter();
  await _dlocalDataCollectorFlutterPlugin.setUp("apiKey", "environment");

  await _dlocalDataCollectorFlutterPlugin.startSession();

Replacing apiKey with your key. Replacing environment with 0 = SandBox and 1 = Production.

When the user starts the checkout transaction, gather the session id like so:

    sessionId = await _dlocalDataCollectorFlutterPlugin.startSession();

NOTE: The session id will be undefined if setUp and startSession not called before

Submit this value in the payment request within the additional_risk_data.device.event_uuid parameter. The sessionId can be undefined if a session is not available or an error occurred.


If your app is distributed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you must comply with the data policies and rules for each store. When using this SDK in your app you must ensure the following:

Apple App Store

  • Add a disclaimer in the app that says that device data is collected and sent to a third party (dlocal).
  • If your app uses location, please add to the info.plist NSLocatioUsageeDescription keys a disclaimer that the location data will also be used in fraud prevention.

The SDK will only use location data if the app is using it already, so it is not necessary to add a location disclaimer if location is not used.

For more information please refer to apple's documentation.

Google Play Store

  • Add a disclaimer in the app that says that device data is collected and sent to a third party (dlocal).

In the Data Safety section in the Play Console of your app, ensure you declare these data types:

  • Location: Approximate Location
  • App activity: Installed apps
  • Device or others identifiers: Device or other identifiers

For more information please refer to Google Play's Data safety documentation.