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Djustin is a library for Dart programming language that helps to interact with Justin Delivery Service using its OpenAPI. It works fine with Dart and Flutter applications, but it is assumed that the other platforms (such as web and server) will also haven't problems with Djustin.


  • Fast and simple
  • Only one dependency (package:http)
  • Supports Flutter
  • Provides all the functionality of the Justin OpenAPI

Supported requests

Library provides an ability to receive the following information from the Justin Service:

  • Branches
    • Info about all branches
    • Info about branch by number
    • Info about branches by urban area
    • Info about the nearest branches
  • Tracking
    • Tracking info by the tracking number
    • Tracking history by the tracking number
  • Info about branch types
  • Info about all urban areas in Justin network
  • Info about available services

Getting started

First, add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  djustin: ^0.2.1

Then import the library:

import 'package:djustin/djustin.dart';

and just use it.

The example of simple usage.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.