Divine_Card - Flutter Package

Divine_Card provides a beautiful card with Images,buttons and tagline(text) stack upon it with beautiful offset shadow.

How to install this package

  • 1. Depend on it

    Add this to your flutter app's pubspec.yaml file:

      divine_card: ^0.1.0
  • 2. Install it

    You can install packages from the command line:

    with Flutter:

    $ flutter pub get

    Alternatively, your editor might support flutter pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

How to use this package

  • 1. Import it

    In your Dart code, import the package as mentioned below:

    import 'package:divine_card/divine_card.dart';
  • 2. Use It

     height: 200.0,
     color: Color(0xFF00578D),
     shadowColor: Colors.black38,
     blurRadius: 12.0,
     img: AssetImage('images/Picture2.png'),
     imgHeight: 200.0,
     imgWidth: 200.0,
     buttonText: 'Your Text',
     buttonColor: Colors.black,
     buttonBackground: Colors.white,
     icon: Icons.arrow_forward_ios,
     iconColor: Colors.black,
     title: 'Your text goes',
     subtitle: 'Here..',
     fontSize: 18.0,
     fontColor: Colors.white,

About Me

Hi! my name is Radhika Goswami.

I'm 16 year Girl who get's amazed by seeing apps and wondered if I can too make these and just because of Flutter now I can create APPs of my own !

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Email: radhika.divinecoding@gmail.com

**Have a nice fluttery day! **