Provides a one abstract mechanism for releasing resources and utils for Dart and Flutter

Did you notice there is no one defined method to release object resources in Dart and Flutter? StreamController.close(), StreamSubscription.cancel() and many dispose() methods in different Flutter object does the same - they free held information. But they doesn't have any one defined interface for it. Disposable does it. DisposableCollector is a composite of many disposables, which can be disposed as one. It also provides extension methods to make life easier for streams.

Do you recognize it?

class SomeDisposable {
    /// ...
    final _subscription = someStream.listen(
      (value) => doSomethingWith(value)
    /// ...
    void dispose() {

With DisposableCollector it will look like :

class SomeDisposable extends DisposableCollector {
  /// ...
    .listen((value) => doSomethingWith(value))
  /// ...

And you can make Disposable from any of your objects with factory

final disposable = Disposable.create(yourObject, () => yourObject.close());
// or
final disposable = yourObject.toDisposable(() => yourObjectClose());