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Created by Alexandre Bolot on 19/03/2021

Project objectives

The Dispatcher allows you to easily publish data and notify multiple listeners at once

The main idea is to behave like a light-weight Kafka producer/consumer API. The content published on the Dispatcher feeds is dynamic, which means you can publish basic values (int, String, etc.) or decide to use it as an Event-driven publisher (if you use custom event objects)

You can create multiple feeds and multiple subscription for each feed.


var dispatcher = Dispatcher(); // The Dispatcher is a singleton, calling the constructor always returns the same instance
var feedName = 'myIntegerFeed';
var subscriberName = 'mySubscriber';

dispatcher.subscribeTo(feedName, subscriberName, (feedItem) {
  print('value : ${feedItem.value}');

dispatcher.publish(feedName, 5);

// -> prints 'value : 5'

dispatcher.unsubscribeTo(feedName, subscriberName);

dispatcher.publish(feedName, 3);

// -> nothing happens, we 'testSubscriber' was unsubscribed