A generator of code for dioc containers.


All registrations are made by annotating a partial bootstrapper class.

Various environments could be declared as methods that return a Container. You have to decorate these methods with Provide annotations to register dependencies.

library example;

import 'package:dioc/src/container.dart';
import 'package:dioc/src/built_container.dart';

part "example.g.dart";

@Provide.implemented(OtherService) // Default registration for all environments
abstract class AppBootstrapper extends Bootstrapper {

  @Provide(Service, MockService)
  Container development();

  @Provide(Service, WebService)
  Container production();

To indicate how to inject dependencies, you have two options : specifying a default mode, or declaring specific injections.

For a default inject mode, add it to the Provide constructor.

abstract class AppBootstrapper extends Bootstrapper {
  @Provide(Service, MockService, defaultMode: InjectMode.singleton)
  Container development();

Getting an instances and default injections will then use the default mode :

final service = container<Service>(); // singleton

Decorate your class fields with Inject annotations (and @inject, @singleton shortcuts) to declare specific injections.

class OtherService {
  final Service dependency;

  final Service dependency2;


To trigger code generation, run the command :

pub run build_runner build

Then simply use the provided builder to create your Container.

final container = AppBootstrapperBuilder.instance.development();

A complete example is also available.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.