ListFormat enum Null safety

ListFormat specifies the array format (a single parameter with multiple parameter or multiple parameters with the same name) and the separator for array items.



csv → const ListFormat

Comma-separated values e.g. (foo,bar,baz)

const ListFormat(0)
multi → const ListFormat

Multiple parameter instances rather than multiple values. e.g. (foo=value&foo=another_value)

const ListFormat(4)
multiCompatible → const ListFormat

Forward compatibility e.g. (foo[]=value&foo[]=another_value)

const ListFormat(5)
pipes → const ListFormat

Pipe-separated values e.g. (foo|bar|baz)

const ListFormat(3)
ssv → const ListFormat

Space-separated values e.g. (foo bar baz)

const ListFormat(1)
tsv → const ListFormat

Tab-separated values e.g. (foo\tbar\tbaz)

const ListFormat(2)
values → const List<ListFormat>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<ListFormat>


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