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Dint is an open-source effort to build a customizable Flutter application where you can embed internal tooling widgets such as content management, monitoring, or analytics. The goal is to have a reusable structure (authentication, user management, etc.) for domain-specific needs.

The data layer of Dint is known as dent, which is a separate package.

The application is not ready for use yet.


This is an open-source community project. Anyone, even beginners, can contribute.

This is how you contribute:

  1. Fork by pressing fork button.
  2. Clone your fork to your computer: git clone
  3. Do your changes. You are welcome to take credit for your work in AUTHORS file. When you are done, commit changes with git add -A and git commit.
  4. Push changes to your personal repository: git push origin
  5. Go to and create a pull request.

Contributors may be added to the Github organization team so they can save time by pushing directly to the repository.

Getting started

1.Create a new Flutter application


flutter create my_dint_app

2.Add dependency

In pubspec.yaml:

  dint: any


flutter pub get

3.Change main.dart

import 'package:dint/dint.dart';
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';

void main() {

4.Start app


Follow instructions at

Mac OS X

Follow instructions at Make sure you have configured XCode and code signing properly.

Android / iOS

Follow the standard Flutter instructions.