desktop_webview_window library


runWebViewTitleBarWidget(List<String> args, {WidgetBuilder? builder, Color? backgroundColor, void onError(Object error, StackTrace stack)?}) bool
runs the title bar title bar is a widget that displays the title of the webview window return true if the args is matchs the title bar


JavaScriptMessageHandler = void Function(String name, dynamic body)
Handle custom message from JavaScript in your app.
OnHistoryChangedCallback = void Function(bool canGoBack, bool canGoForward)
OnUrlRequestCallback = void Function(String url)
Callback when WebView start to load a URL. url is the URL string.
OnWebMessageReceivedCallback = void Function(String message)
Callback when WebView receives a web message message constains the webmessage
PromptHandler = String Function(String prompt, String defaultText)