helpers library


findSource() Future<String>
Finds the source of the derry config.
loadDefinitions() Future<Map>
Loads scripts from pubspec.yaml content.
loadInfo() Future<Info>
Loads package information from pubspec.yaml content.
makeKeys(dynamic input) List<String>
Gets keys as a list from the definitions.
parseDefinition(dynamic input) Definition
Parses a definition into the Definition class.
readPubspec() Future<YamlDocument>
Reads and returns the content of pubspec.yaml in current directory.
readYamlFile(String filePath) Future<YamlDocument>
Reads and returns a yaml document if exists.
Searches for a key in the definitions.
subcommand(String command) Map<String, String>
Parses a subcommand from a script.
toList(dynamic input) List<String>
Parses a list from yaml input.