Flutter Deep Link Navigation

Provides an elegant abstraction for complete deep linking navigation in flutter.

Orchestrates a native flutter navigator in the background.

Getting Started

Please refer to the examples folder.


  • DeepLinkNavigator mirrors native Navigator interface, also accessible through context
  • DeepLinkNavigator.navigateTo navigates to ANY route in the hierarchy
  • Doesn't interfere with native dialogs, selects, and popups
  • Custom mixins add provide custom logic on a deep link basis (see multiple_base_routes example)
  • Animates transitions between routes as if navigation was done natively
  • TODO: enumarate others


  • Can't currently define arbitrarily deep navigation hierarchies (think Spotify)
  • Can't store separate persisted navigation states for a multi-base route application (think Instagram)
  • Can't type DeepLinkDispatcher.value(_, value, __) due to recursive nature of navigation hierarchy definition

What's left to do

x Finish UI testing single base example x Animated transition for pushes x Custom mixins x Exception handling routes [] Push with completer x Advanced example with multiple base routes and custom mixins [] Navigation diagrams [] Finish UI testing multi base example [] Fully clean up code, tests, and documentation [] Publish dart package [] Unit test deep link navigator logic