dcdg library Null safety


A full configuration to allow fetching classes and running a builder against a Dart package.


buildDiagram({required DiagramBuilder builder, required Iterable<ClassElement> classElements, required bool excludeHasA, required bool excludeIsA, required bool excludePrivateClasses, required bool excludePrivateFields, required bool excludePrivateMethods, required Iterable<RegExp> excludes, required Iterable<RegExp> hasA, required Iterable<RegExp> includes, required Iterable<RegExp> isA, required bool verbose}) → void
Build a diagram using the given builder from the given class elements.
findClassElements({required String packagePath, required bool exportedOnly, required String searchPath}) Future<Iterable<ClassElement>>
Fetch and return the desired class elements from the package rooted at the given path.
makeHelp() String
Return a string that contains the usage and help information based on the arguments defined and the available builders.