Dcache_flutter is a library for Dio ( http client for flutter ). Dcache_flutter uses sqflite as disk cache and we consider that memery cache is unnecessary. It is used in our product. It is fully tested and stable. Maybe it's useful for you too.

Getting Started

Add dependency

  dcache_flutter: 1.0.2 #latest version

dcache 1.0.x is supported for dio 2.x dcache 1.1.x is supported for dio 3.x

Super simple to use

import 'package:dcache_flutter/dcache.dart';

final encoder = DCacheEncoder();
final storage = DSqliteStorage(encoder: encoder);
final cacheDefaultOption = DCacheOptions(
    age: Duration(seconds: 120),
    policy: DCachePolicy.refreshFirst,
final cacheInterceptor = DCache(
    storage: storage,
    options: cacheDefaultOption,

// clear cache
// or
// cacheInterceptor.storage.clearAll();
  • DCacheEncoder: Encode and decode the key content of the response. It has a subclass named DBase64Encoder. Of course you can customize the encoder by inheriting DCacheEncoder, such as encryption.
  • DSqliteStorage: Store the response in sqlite. You can implement your own storage by inheriting DCacheStorage.
  • DCacheOptions: Provide age and policy of the cache.
  • DCachePolicy: Provide 3 kind of policy.
    • .cacheFirst: Use cache data first, if the cache data does not exist, then make the request.
    • .refreshFirst: Make request first, if the request returns an error, the cache is used.
    • .justRefresh: Just make request, and the response will be cached.
  • DCache: A subclass of Interceptor. So we can add it into dioInstance.interceptors.

Set different options for each request.

final cacheOption = DCacheOptions(
    policy: DCachePolicy.cacheFirst,
final dioOptions = Options();
dioOptions.extra = cacheOption.toJson();
dioInstance().getUri(uri, options: dioOptions)

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.