DBCupertinoPage constructor Null safety

  1. {required LocalKey key,
  2. required Destination destination,
  3. required Widget child,
  4. String? restorationId,
  5. DBPageRoute customPageRouteFactory(
    1. DBCupertinoPage page

Create a DBCupertinoPage with key identifying the page, destination of the page and child to put at that destination.

Note: key should be non-existent in the current navigation stack.


  required LocalKey key,
  required this.destination,
  required Widget child,
  String? restorationId,
}) : super(
        key: key,
        name: destination.path,
        arguments: destination.metadata,
        child: child,
        maintainState: true,
        fullscreenDialog: false,
        restorationId: restorationId,