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This package helps you to create a text field with date mask, this field can be added an icon that calls the showDatePicker and gives to the user these two options to type the date.

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Follow the instructions.

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You can view the complete example on example project and the following example on Home Page example.

    onValidate: (date) {            // Execute this function when the form is validated.
    validator: ((date) {            // Executed to validate the date, true if is validated and false if no.
      return true;
    labelFail: "Invalid date",      // The error that will be show
    decoration: InputDecoration(),  // Decoration to the widget
    showDatePicker: true,
    dateFormat: 'yyyy-dd-mm',       // Date format to the mask, 'yyyy' is the year, 'dd' is the day and 'mm' is the month
    initialData: null,              // Initial date
    firstDate: DateTime(1900),      // First Date to the showPicker if is enabled
    lastDate: DateTime(2100),       // Last Date to the showPicker if is enabled

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