DataKick SDK

SDK to interface with

There are 3 constructors

///Default product
///empty product
///product with just the food parameters;

Getting, setting and updating product info is easy

///create an object
Product product = new Product.empty();

/// Then pass a barcode to the object and wait for the future
product.getBarcode("00000000000000").then((product) {
    ///Now you can work with your product here...

    // change the name of the product = "new name";

You can store a list of products in a productmap object as well.

///Datakick will retrieve 100 products at a time.
dataKickList(dkl).then(expectAsync1((ProductMap pro3) {
  ///Calling this recursively will grow the list by 100
  ///products at a time.
  dataKickList(pro3).then(expectAsync1((ProductMap pro4) {
    /// list would now have 200 entries.

package Road map:

  • Initial commit contains just enough to:
    • Get by barcode
    • Update products
    • create products
    • list products (100 at a time. Resubmit the product back to the list function to grow it by the next 100 products)


  • Add functionality for camera plugin to create a widget (v0.3.0)
  • Add functionality for adding images (v1.0.0)
  • Add functionality for updating or modifying images (version undetermined)
  • Add functionality for image removal (version undetermined)
  • Add functionality for image data parsing through ML/AI (v2.0.0)