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This package enables you to use the package database with Elasticsearch, a text search engine based on Apache Lucene.

Getting started

Add dependency

  database: any
  database_adapter_elasticsearch: any

A simple example

import 'package:database/database.dart';
import 'package:database_adapter_elasticsearch/database_adapter_elasticsearch.dart';

// Set up
final Database database = ElasticSearch(
  credentials: ElasticSearchPasswordCredentials(
    user: 'example user',
    password: 'example password'

Future main() async {
  // Insert a document
  final document = await database.collection('example').insert({
    'greeting': 'Hello world!'

  // Search documents
  final results = await database.collection('example').search(
    query: Query.parse(
      skip: 0,
      take: 10,


An adapter for using ElasticSearch, a software product by Elastic NV.