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Easily produce and consume loading/error/data states in your application.

DataState is a StateNotifier-based alternative to AsyncSnapshot.

  • Produce events from DataStateNotifier, Future, Stream, RxDart ValueStream
  • Consume events through DataStateNotifier, Stream

👩🏾‍💻 Usage

Consuming state

Flutter example:

(Note: This example depends on flutter_data_state which is a separate package)

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return DataStateBuilder<List<Post>>(
    notifier: () => repo.watchPosts(),
    builder: (context, state, notifier, _) {
      return Column(
        children: [
          if (state.isLoading)
          if (state.hasException)
          if (state.hasModel)

The notifier features a reload function, useful to restart a data loading cycle. It can be combined with a gesture detector or reloader widget:

Example 1:

  onTap: () => notifier.reload(), // will trigger a rebuild with isLoading = true
  child: _child,

Example 2:

  onRefresh: notifier.reload,
  child: _child,

Future & Stream input support

This package exposes an extension on Future<T> Function() called asDataNotifier.

It allows to turn any future into a DataStateNotifier callback to leverage caching and reloading capabilities.

Example 1:

final notifier = (() => future).asDataNotifier;

Example 2:

final notifier = (() {
  if (Random().nextInt(10) > 4) {
    return Future<String>.error('Error!');
  return Future.delayed(
    Duration(seconds: 1),
    () => 'HELLO RANDOM: ${Random().nextInt(100)}!',

Same for Streams and ValueStreams:

final notifier = (() => stream).asDataNotifier;

Consuming streams

Want to consume events via streams?

DataStateNotifier actually exposes an RxDart ValueStream:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  final stream = repo.watchPosts().stream;
  return StreamBuilder<List<Post>>(
    initial: stream.value,
    stream: stream,
    builder: (context, snapshot) {
      // snapshot as usual

This is the anatomy of an immutable DataState object:

final state = DataState({
  T model,
  bool isLoading = false,
  Object exception,
  StackTrace stackTrace,

🎸 Producing state


DataStateNotifier<List<Post>> watchPosts() {
  final notifier = DataStateNotifier<List<Post>>(
    DataState(model: getLocalPosts()),
    reload: (notifier) async {
      notifier.state = notifier.state.copyWith(isLoading: true);
      try { = await loadPosts();
      } catch (error, stackTrace) { = error, stackTrace: stackTrace);

  // kick off cycle
  return notifier..reload();

The DataStateNotifier constructor takes:

  • state as the first positional argument
  • reload and onError as optional named arguments


Why is DataState not a freezed union?

This would allow us to do the following destructuring:

  data: (data) => Text(data),
  loading: () => const CircularProgressIndicator(),
  error: (error, stackTrace) => Text('Error $error'),

This turns out to be impractical in data-driven Flutter apps as there are cases where we need to render loading/error messages in addition to data – not instead of data.

Does DataStateNotifier depend on Flutter?

No. It can used with pure Dart.

➕ Collaborating

Please use Github to ask questions, open issues and send PRs. Thanks!

📝 License