transport library


All terminal sessions, forwarded connections, etc., are Channels. Multiple Channels are multiplexed into a single connection and Channels are flow-controlled. No data may be sent to a channel until a message is received to indicate that window space is available.
When a connection comes to a port for which forwarding has been requested, a channel is opened to forward the port to the other side.
SSH Transport Layer Protocol implementation providing KEX, ciphers, and MAC.
It is RECOMMENDED that the keys be changed after each gigabyte of transmitted data or after each hour of connection time, whichever comes sooner.


ChannelCallback = void Function(Channel, Uint8List)
FingerprintCallback = bool Function(int, Uint8List)
IdentityFunction = Identity Function()
RemoteForwardCallback = void Function(Channel, String, int, String, int)
ResponseCallback = void Function(SSHTransport, String)
StringCallback = void Function(String)
StringFilter = String Function(String)
StringFunction = String Function()
Uint8ListCallback = void Function(Uint8List)
Uint8ListFunction = Uint8List Function()
VoidCallback = void Function()