dartrix library




configPen AnsiPen
read / write
infoPen AnsiPen
read / write
severePen AnsiPen
read / write
shoutPen AnsiPen
read / write
warningPen AnsiPen
read / write


downloadPkgSpecs(Set pset) Future<List<Map<String, String>>>
fetchPackage(String uri) Future<String>
getAppVersion() String
getPluginVersion(String rootPath) String
getPubDevPlugins(String url) Future<List<Map<String, String>>>
getSysCache() String
getUserPackageConfig2() Future<PackageConfig>
get PackageConfig for ~/.dart.d/
loadConfigFile(String configFile) → void
resolvePkg(String templateLibName) Future<List<Map>>
Resolves a templateLibName to a package spec. [...]
resolvePkgRef(String pkgRef) Map<String, String>
Decompose package ref into name (with _dartrix) and uri A package Uri is composed of: uri e.g. package:foobar_myapp fullName e.g. foobar_myapp name e.g. foobar
resolvePluginPkg(String templateLibName) Future<List<Map>>
searchSysCache(String uri) Future<List<Map>>
setAppPkgRoot(String app) → void
setBuiltinTemplatesRoot() → void
spawnCallback(dynamic _xData) → void
This routine is invoked when the external isolate returns data.
spawnPluginFromPackage(onData dataCallback, onDone onDoneCallback, String libName, List<String> args) → void
verifyAppVersion(String libPkgRoot) Future<String>


onData(dynamic msg) → void
onDone() → void