An API Wrapper for the MediaWiki API

Created by Benjamin Whitehead

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This is an early implementation of the MediaWiki API in Dart. Note, there are still some issues with this API that will be worked on in the coming months. Some of these issues include: unclean data and over use of dynamic types.

Getting Started

To get started, simply add dartpedia to pubspec.yaml:

  dartpedia: ^1.6.6


To use dartpedia, first start by importing the package.

import 'package:dartpedia/dartpedia.dart' as wiki;

Next, create a new WikipediaPage object with the function.

var wikipediaPage = await'Dart (programming language)');

Use the .summary() function to print a summary of the page.


To get the individual components of a page, use the following functions

var url = wikipediaPage.url;
var title = wikipediaPage.title;
var links = wikipediaPage.links;
var content = wikipediaPage.content;

To search for possible topics for a phrase, use the .search(topic) function

var relatedTopics = await"Dart");


More examples can be found in the Examples folder