featureOrder top-level constant

Map<String, int> const featureOrder

Items mapped less than zero will sort before custom annotations. Items mapped above zero are sorted after custom annotations. Items mapped to zero will sort alphabetically among custom annotations. Custom annotations are assumed to be any annotation or feature not in this map.


const Map<String, int> featureOrder = {
  'read-only': 1,
  'write-only': 1,
  'read / write': 1,
  'covariant': 2,
  'final': 2,
  'late': 2,
  'inherited': 3,
  'inherited-getter': 3,
  'inherited-setter': 3,
  'override': 3,
  'override-getter': 3,
  'override-setter': 3,
  'extended': 3,