configSetsNodocFor method

bool configSetsNodocFor(
  1. String fullName

Given an element's location, look up the nodoc configuration data and determine whether to unconditionally treat the element as "nodoc".


bool configSetsNodocFor(String fullName) {
  if (!_configSetsNodocFor.containsKey(fullName)) {
    var file = resourceProvider.getFile(fullName);
    // Direct lookup instead of generating a custom context will save some
    // cycles.  We can't use the element's [DartdocOptionContext] because that
    // might not be where the element was defined, which is what's important
    // for nodoc's semantics.  Looking up the defining element just to pull
    // a context is again, slow.
    List<String> globs = config.optionSet['nodoc'].valueAt(file.parent2);
    _configSetsNodocFor[fullName] = utils.matchGlobs(globs, fullName);
  return _configSetsNodocFor[fullName];