shell library


directoryStack StackList<Directory>
read / write
fileList List<String>
pwd String


cat(String path) → void
Prints the contents of the give file to stdout.
cd(String path) → void
echo(String text) → void
exists(String path) bool
checks if the given path exists.
isDirectory(String path) bool
true if the given path is a directory.
isFile(String path) bool
mkdir(String path, {bool createPath}) → void
mv(String from, String to) → void
pop() → void
Change the working directory back to its location before push was called.
push(String path) → void
/ Push the pwd onto the stack and change the current directory to path.
read({String prompt}) String
Reads user input from stdin and returns it as a string.
rm(String path, {bool ask}) → void
sleep(int duration, {Interval interval: Interval.seconds}) → void
touch(String path, {bool create: true}) → void
wildcard(String pattern, {bool caseSensitive}) List<String>
Returns the list of files in the cwd that match the passed glob pattern.