load_balancer library

A load-balancing runner pool.


A pool of runners, ordered by load.


ignore(dynamic _) → void
Utility functions. Ignore an argument.
list1(Object v1) List<Object>
Create a single-element fixed-length list.
list2(Object v1, Object v2) List<Object>
Create a two-element fixed-length list.
list3(Object v1, Object v2, Object v3) List<Object>
Create a three-element fixed-length list.
list4(Object v1, Object v2, Object v3, Object v4) List<Object>
Create a four-element fixed-length list.
list5(Object v1, Object v2, Object v3, Object v4, Object v5) List<Object>
Create a five-element fixed-length list.

Exceptions / Errors

Helper functions for working with errors.