Dart to JavaScript Transpiler Beta


  • Add package to your dependencies
  • Using decorators from this library mark classes and methods you're willing to expose as JS interface
    • Methods of the class that is not marked as exposed will be ignored
    • Only public methods can be exposed to JS
  • Using Entrypoint decorator mark the main function
  • Run pub run build_runner build
  • Add grinder and cli_pkg to your dependencies
  • Following the example create a tool folder in the root of the project, create grind.dart file inside.
  • Create package folder in the root of the project, create package.json file following the template example
    • You can use djt-codegen lib to create templated JS files with .d.ts exports as wel
  • Run pub run grinder copy-schema to create a JS build
    • cd ./build/npm and run yarn && yarn codegen in order yo create interfaces
  • Your Dart library is now available as the NPM package.