dart_store library


Default configuration class for framework. User shall pass the custom configuration in this function in-order to get it working. Configurations for store and models shall be passed to this function.
MemoryStore<T extends Model>
Default in-memory store for the dart_store library. This is pretty much needed for almost all requirements. This supports sorting, filtering and almost all functionality a store need to perform. [...]
Create model using model information and Json config provided.
An abstract storage class, which helps in loading/saving to db. This can be a mongo db, sqlite db or a file storage.
Store<T extends Model>
Abstract class, which provides default store implementation. This provides an event driven development. Futures are avoided to reduce cluttering in code


ModelCollection<T extends Model>
Mixin, which provides collection implemetation for store. Refer MemoryStore to understand the usage of ModelCollection.


DbCallback(bool status, dynamic data) → void
DB callback for the database operation status.
EmptyCallback() → void
Empty callback for void operations.
ModelGeneratorFunction(String modelName, Map<String, Object> config) Model
Callback function for model generator.
StoreGeneratorFunction(String storeName, Map<String, Object> config) Store<Model>
Callback function for store generator.