This package censores profanity in String sequences and delivers some censor options for your needs.

Experimental 🚧

Dart Profanity is an experimental project under development and should not be used in production at this time.


  • Censors profanity in words for the languages english, german and turkish (more incoming)
  • You can enable the first letter and censor the rest (more options incoming)
  • Simple Api with no overhead
  • No Third-Party dependencies
  • Open for everyone
  • Contributions are welcome :)

Getting started

Enter in the console:

pub get dart_profanity


final profanity = Profanity(languages: ['en']); // Shorter Profanity(), as en is the default
final isProfanity = profanity.containsProfanity('YoU aRe aN aSShole & FuCKer.');
print(isProfanity); // Outputs: true

final censoredWithAsterisk = profanity.censor(
  bleepType: CensorBleepType.asterisk,
print(censoredWithAsterisk); // Outputs: *******

Additional information