A podcasts library for Dart

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dart_pod makes it easy to get information for a podcast from its feed URL. With just a single URL, dart_pod gives you access to:

  • A list of episodes with details and stream urls
  • Details about the show and its creators

all wrapped up in a drop-dead simple API for use in your Flutter or web projects.


See example/example.dart

import 'package:dart_pod/dart_pod.dart';

void main() async {
    var feed_url = "https://rss.art19.com/not-another-d-and-d-podcast"
    var naddpod = await Podcast.initFromURL(feed_url);

    List<Episode> episodes = naddpod.episodes;
    for (Episode e in episodes) {
        print("Episode: ${e.title} \n
               Description: ${e.description} \n
               Released: ${e.pubDate} \n
               Stream link: ${e.url} \n");


Created by Joe Diragi on 3/19/19. Copyright © 2019 TheNightmanCodeth. All rights reserved.