Mojang class Null safety

Mojang API specific functionality.

Mojang account, authentication and status APIs.





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operator ==(Object other) bool
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Static Methods

changeName(String uuid, String newName, String accessToken, String password) Future<bool>
Changes the Mojang account name to newName.
changeSkin(Uri skinUrl, String accessToken, [SkinModel skinModel = SkinModel.classic]) Future<bool>
Change the skin with the texture of the skin at skinUrl.
checkStatus() Future<MojangStatus>
Returns the Mojang and Minecraft API and website status
getBlockedServers() Future<List<BlockedServer>>
Returns a list of blocked servers.
getNameHistory(String uuid) Future<List<Name>>
Returns the name history for the account with uuid.
getProfile(String uuid) Future<Profile>
Returns the user profile including skin/cape information. [...]
getStatistics(List<MinecraftStatisticsItem> items) Future<MinecraftStatistics>
Get's Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft Dungeons, Cobalt and Scrolls purchase statistics. [...]
getUuid(String username, {DateTime? timestamp}) Future<PlayerUuid>
Returns the UUID for player username. [...]
getUuids(List<String> usernames) Future<List<PlayerUuid>>
Returns a List of player UUIDs by a List of player names. [...]
reserveName(String newName, String accessToken) Future<bool>
Reserves the newName for this Mojang Account.
resetSkin(String uuid, String accessToken) Future<void>
Reset's the player's skin.