register<T> abstract method

void register<T>(
  1. ServiceInitializer<T> globalInitializer,
  2. {String name,
  3. bool asSingleton = true}

This method shall be called to register a service with the injection context. It must only be called, after the startup has been called.

The initializer is called when an instance of the service shall be created. It must return the instance of the service. By passing a name, it is possible to register different services that implement the same class. If the flag asSingleton is true, the globalInitializer is only called once when resolving the service. The created service instance will be cached. If the flag asSingleton is false, the initializer is called every time when resolving the service.

Throws a InjectionContextNotInitialized exception, if the injection context is not started.

Throws a InjectionContextHasAlreadyService exception, if the service that shall be registered was already registered before.


void register<T>(
  ServiceInitializer<T> globalInitializer, {
  String name,
  bool asSingleton = true,