• image_slider facilitates adding any assets image as the thumb shape of a slider.
  • provided Slider is entirely configurable as needed with it's on custom theme.
  • only the assets image path and subjected slider are need to be provided.

Getting started

import image_slider as follows,

import 'package:image_slider/image_slider.dart';


  1. Create Slider

    Slider _getSlider() { return Slider( value: _currentValue, max: 100, divisions: 10, label: _currentValue.round().toString(), onChanged: (double value) { setState(() { }); }, ); }

  2. Place the image in the assets folder & define assets in pubspec.yaml file

  3. provide slider & image path to the image_slider as follows,

    ImageSlider( slider: _getSlider(), imagePath: 'assets/button.png', )

Additional information

This packages supports only for assets images for the moments.