High Level Filter Queries for Dart, inspired by the Filter Pattern

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dart_filter lets you easily filter dart Lists and Iterables. New requirements oftentimes break naive filtering solutions. dart_filter was made to fix that.


    /// Only adults
    const OnlyAdultsFilter().map((Person p) => p.age),

    /// Only females
    AnonymousCriteria((Person p) => p.sex == Sex.female),

    /// Only names that contain an s
    if (withAnSOnly)
      const ContainsFilter("s", true).map((Person p) => p.name),

class OnlyAdultsFilter extends FilterCriteria<int> {
  const OnlyAdultsFilter();

  bool accepts(int t) => t >= 18;

Each FilterCriteria overrides the call method and therefore acts as a function that you can pass to higher-order functions like .where.

All available FilterCriteria:

  • AcceptAllCriteria: accepts everything.
  • AcceptNoneCriteria: accepts nothing.
  • AndCriteria (.and or &): accepts an item only if all criteria are met.
  • OrCriteria (.or or |): accepts an item only if at least one of the provided criteria is met.
  • XOrCriteria (.xor): accepts an item only if one of the provided criteria is met.
  • NotCriteria (.not): negates the provided criteria.
  • MapCriteria (.map): use this to map a criteria to a different type.
  • EqualsCriteria: accepts an item only if it is equal (==) to the provided value.
  • AnonymousCriteria: use this to quickly prototype a custom criteria without subclassing FilterCriteria.

There are also some criteria for Lists of Strings:

  • StartsWithFilter: accepts only Strings that start with the provided string.
  • EndsWithFilter: accepts only Strings that end with the provided string.
  • ContainsFilter: accepts only Strings that contain the provided string.