dart_extensionz library


Cardinal directions.
An identifier indicating the type of information contained in an electronic format.
Indicates how the least significant returned digit of a rounded result is to be calculated.
A period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions.
The platform that user interaction should adapt to target.


BooleanExtension on bool
bool Extension.
DateTimeExtension on DateTime
DateTime Extension.
DoubleExtension on double
double Extension.
DurationExtension on Duration
Duration Extension.
EnumExtension on Enum
Enum Extension.
EnumsExtension on Iterable<Enum>
Iterable<Enum> Extension.
FileExtension on File
File Extension.
FileSystemEntitiesExtension on Iterable<FileSystemEntity>
Iterable<FileSystemEntity> Extension.
FileSystemEntityExtension on FileSystemEntity
FileSystemEntity Extension.
FutureExtension on Future<T>
Future Extension.
FutureFunctionExtension on Future<T> Function()
Future Function Extenision.
FuturesExtension on Iterable<Future<T>>
Iterable<Future> Extension.
IntegerExtension on int
int Extension.
IntlDateTimeExtension on DateTime?
Intl DateTime Extension.
IntlDurationExtension on Duration?
Intl Duration Extension.
IntlExtension on Object?
Intl Extension.
IntlNumberExtension on num?
Intl num Extension.
IntlStringExtension on String?
Intl String Extension.
IterableComparableExtension on Iterable<T>
Iterable Comparable Extension.
IterableExtension on Iterable<T>
Iterable Extension.
IterableNullableNumberExtension on Iterable<num?>
Iterable<num?> Extension.
ListExtension on List<T>
List Extension.
MapExtension on Map<K, V>
Map Extension.
NullableBooleanExtension on bool?
Nullable bool Extension.
NullableEnumExtension on Enum?
Nullable Enum Extension.
NullableEnumsExtension on Iterable<Enum?>?
Nullable Iterable<Enum> Extension.
NullableFileExtension on File?
Nullable File Extension.
NullableFileSystemEntitiesExtension on Iterable<FileSystemEntity?>?
Nullable Iterable<FileSystemEntity> Extension.
NullableFileSystemEntityExtension on FileSystemEntity?
Nullable FileSystemEntity Extension.
NullableIntegerExtension on int?
Nullable int Extension.
NullableListExtension on List<T>?
Nullable List Extension.
NullableListObjectExtension on List<Object?>?
Nullable List of Objects Extension.
NullableMapExtension on Map<K, V>?
Nullable Map Extension.
NullableNumberExtension on num?
Nullable num Extension.
NullableObjectExtension on Object?
Nullable Object Extension.
NumberExtension on num
num Extension.
ObjectExtension on Object
Object Extension.
PlatformExtension on Platform
Platform Extension.
SetExtension on Set<T>
Set Extension.
StreamExtension on Stream<T>
Stream Extension.
StringExtension on String
String Extension.
UriExtension on Uri
Uri Extension.