Simple yet powerful Dart and Flutter Date manipulation package.


A light weight dart library for date manipulation:

import 'package:dart_days/dart_days.dart';
void main() {
   var dartDays = DartDays();
   print('Times Ago: ${dartDays.timesAgo(DateTime.parse('2020-01-02'))}');
   print('Times Left: ${dartDays.timesLeft(DateTime.parse('2020-01-02'))}');
   print("Number of days in current month: ${DartDays.numberOfDaysInThisMonth()}");
  print('Days Name of week: ${DartDays.daysNameOfWeek().join(", ")}');
  print('Name of this month ${DartDays.nameOfMonth(1)}');

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


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