Vim compatible tags file for dart.

Now with native Tagbar support!


Install from pub

$ pub global activate dart_ctags

Install from Github

$ git clone
$ cd dart-ctags
$ pub global activate -s path .

Recommended Post-Installation

The installation of the dart_ctags executable from pub is not a compiled binary. These steps will overwrite the bash script placed by pub in the bin folder for dart_ctags with a natively compiled bin that is significantly faster.

Installed from pub
$ cd $(find ~/.pub-cache/hosted -type d -name "dart_ctags*") && pub get
$ dart2native bin/tags.dart -o ~/.pub-cache/bin/dart_ctags
Installed from Github
$ cd ~/git_repo_of_dart_ctags
$ dart2native bin/tags.dart -o ~/.pub-cache/bin/dart_ctags


# make sure that pub-cache/bin is in your path
# export PATH="$PATH":"$HOME/.pub-cache/bin"

$ cd ~/dev/your-dart-project
$ dart_ctags -l -o .git/tags

Use with Tagbar (the vim plugin)

If you have ~/.pub-cache/bin in your $PATH, then tagbar should Just Work™ (i.e. it should detect dart_ctags). Otherwise, add this to your vim config:

let g:tagbar_type_dart = { 'ctagsbin': '~/.pub-cache/bin/dart_ctags' }


dart_ctags -h
  dart_ctags [OPTIONS] [FILES...]
  pub global run dart_ctags:tags [OPTIONS] [FILES...]

-o, --output=<FILE>     Output file for tags (default: stdout)
    --follow-links      Follow symbolic links (default: false)
    --include-hidden    Include hidden directories (default: false)
-l, --line-numbers      Add line numbers to extension fields (default: false)
    --skip-sort         Skip sorting the output (default: false)
-h, --help              Show this help